The first and only secure multilevel authentiation fix for first factor passwords works with two factor authentication to make the second factor secure.

This video explains the weaknesses with legacy passwords and how Armorlog VPCSML has been designed to address these problems.
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Two factor authentication on legacy passwords does not keep users safe without Customer Lockout as without Lockout the second factor is superfluous. Lockout is exploited by social engineering to compromise accounts. The choice is simple ineffectual 2 factor authentication that inconveniences your customers for no benefit or worse locks them out when their account is attacked or they lose, break, change or update their device. OR Implement a simple VPCSML* password fix to protect your customers that will work with any device they want to use but independent of that device so the enterprise can keep them safe.

Organisations Now Need To Actively Protect User Privacy

Recent fines imposed on Corporations under the General Data Protection laws now makes it clear that organisations need to protect their users against phishing attacks. It is not acceptable to claim that users should be able to detect phishing attacks by observation. It is not acceptable to try to blame shift to users and hold them responsible when they have no control over the technology deployed by an enterprise. Biometrics used in authentication processes require updating as the human body changes over time and updating or failure to update expose users to privacy breach risks that can be exploited through social engineering & spoofing. It is up to the enterprise to implement this new multilevel authentication technology to remove these breach risks to protect their users privacy.