VPCSML is a significant improvement on traditional authentication because the user can't be tricked into revealing their password and the user does not have to remember long or complex passwords as our design automatically creates the underlying complexity without the user having to worry about it. Our design prevents users from being inconvenienced by hacking lockouts. If a user loses their device or it is stolen or broken or becomes obsolete they will not be locked out of their account because our authentication is device independent. Our authentication improves the customer experience because registration is simple with pleasant pictures and there is no complicated software, hardware or registration procedures that the user has to deal with. Our authentication gives you a competitive advantage because it gives the user confidence they are dealing with an authorised resource for your network.
This diagram illustrates the key differences between VPCSML* and Traditional Authentication

The case for multilevel authentication


Armorlog VPCSML is multilevel authentication and guards against the main attacks on 1st factor in authentication (rainbow tables, brute force, keylogging [malware], phishing, denial of service, forced lockouts).

The reason current first factor authentication can be compromised is because it uses standard interpretation tables (ascii or unicode [with or without language variant]).

These are widely known common number-sets.