VPCSML* Multilevel Authentication System Technical Details

VPCSML is a new authentication system for authorisation that acts independently of client devices to assist the network administrator to better protect user privacy and protect network resources from unauthorised use.

Essentially VPCSML stops people being tricked into inadvertently revealing their network access credentials to a spoofed authentication request more commonly referred to as a credentials phishing attack.

The design is a significant improvement on the original topology that is widely in use that was created by MIT students in the 1960's. Authentication occurs remotely it is not interpreted on the client device as this is a significant weakness of the current authentication topology in use (because they use the ascii or unicode tables which are widely distributed and commonly known and consequently provide poor security).

Instead interpretation occurs on the server using a proprietary matrix as this prevents keylogging malware. This enables the design to be used as a secure means of allowing access to for example networks, bank accounts, cars and buildings etc from a mobile device without the risk of losing control of access.